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How our platform can help your team gain real-time insights in the fast-growing cannabis industry

Retail networks are rapidly expanding

Product SKUs are constantly updating

Promotions and limited edition products are emerging

E-Commerce is at an all-time high during the pandemic

As Canadian sales of legal recreational cannabis hit all time high at the end of 2020, the retail stores are also rapidly growing esp. in Ontario and Alberta.

The cannabis retail chains can be categorized into large chains with multi-province presence or independents with one single store. Each category is comprised of corporate stores, franchises and/or a mix of both models. Our platform tracks the status of store applications, open/close status and locations for trade area analysis.

"After a stalled rollout, Ontario is aiming to approve dozens of cannabis retail outlets each week with the goal of hitting 1,000 stores across the province by 2021 fall."

CBC News, 2021

With the recent effort to optimize the Canadian products by leading provincial wholesale boards, coupled with the rapidly emerging new products and formats, it’s likely that retailers and consumers will also have to experience a “product tsunami” in the near future.

An individual cannabis store in Canada may carry as few as 50 SKUs or upwards to 800 SKUs; including accessories. For any manufacturer, the brand and/or SKU listing may experience inconsistencies across stores and even within a small chain. With each store operator leveraging its own expertise to optimize the merchandizing strategy, such metrics will facilitate an insightful discussion, identify synergies and ultimately drive upsell.

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