Part AI

Mission-driven to deliver insights

We build technology and products in the service of knowledge

Our founders are multicultural leaders who have a unique blend of experience across corporate strategy, e-commerce, merchandizing, analytics in addition to data science including experience with NLPs, AI/ML, and NN. We have held leadership roles working for Canada’s largest omni-channel retailers, CPG firms, healthcare providers and research institutes, building each business within Canada and internationally. We now aspire to become multifaceted entrepreneurs through our unwavering passion for driving technology, retail and supply chain innovations.

We believe that human intelligence coupled with artificial intelligence to be one of our core pillars. Leveraging emerging technologies and constantly evolving helps us to stay on top of our competitors while providing the best outcome for our clients. Hence our slogan of “Part AI, led by humans” that came out of a jokingly discussion.

We pride ourselves on integrity, respect, and courtesy for our customers, products, and partners.

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The Part AI Team