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At Part AI, we provide an AI-powered competitive intelligence platform
designed to empower retailers, product marketers, and sales
teams to optimize merchandising and sales strategies and win more businesses.


Our Offerings


01 - Retailer

Gain Competitive Intelligence within your store’s trade area.

Whether you are an independent store owner, or chain operator, our platform offers you the real-time analysis of your competitors' merchandizing KPIs vs. those of your own:

  • Product Assortment
  • Pricing Information
  • Promotional Activity
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02 - Manufacturer

Analyze Your products’ retail presence across the province.

Whether you operate one brand, or own a portfolio of brands, our platform offers you the ability to view and analyze the trends of your product portfolio within the retail network to drive incremental sales:

  • Brand & SKU penetration
  • Retail pricing dynamics
  • Pricing promo

03 - Sales

Optimize your sales team’s coverage and drive upsells.

Whether you run an internal sales team, or operate as a sales brokerage firm, our platform offers insights and metrics to optimize your sales coverage effectiveness:

  • Sales coverage KPIs
  • Upsell opportunities

Why Partner Wtih Us


A comprehensive overview and accurate view of competitive assortment, pricing & promotion that provide value-add insights to drive business forward.

AI-Powered platform

A purpose-built AI engine to support your growing industry by processing data with high quality output.

Collective Innovation

A collective ambition to solve problems that have never been solved before. We work with clients to jointly accelerate innovation.

Disciplined Approach

A team that prides itself with unwavering integrity, respect, and courtesy for the products we develop and the people we interact with.

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